Sunday, November 22, 2015

If your church leaders fail to warn you of doctrinal errors . . . beware

Al Sabado

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What do supposedly Bible-believing churches teach these days? I look back and find traces of danger, which many church leaders now embrace and feed the flock. Following are just a few examples:

1. Recently, upon reading Ray Yungen's "A Time of Departing" (pp. 190-1), I learned that Chuck Swindoll is now into contemplative spirituality (see the dangers thereof, 

In Philippine setting:

2. "Practicing the presence" was a subject matter of Bible study when I was still attending Bread of Life Ministries, an evangelical church with numerous outreaches locally and abroad. Who would think that such practice is a "dangerous" discipline of the New Age Movement, and probably other groups that do not (and refuse to) recognize Jesus Christ as the Lord.

3. "Cultural redemption" is also a hot topic of Ed Lapiz in his congregation, Day By Day Ministries, which I also attended for some time. But what does God intend to redeem: the human soul, or the culture that we can't even bring with us to the grave?

4. A "package full of assorted candies that give you cavities" was what I found at the Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) church program menu. CCF hasn't denounced to this day its adherence to Rick Warren/purpose-driven life/church, and its leadership seems to be "content" using The Message in teaching God's Word. The Message, by Eugene Peterson, is a Bible translation that fails to address Jesus Christ as the Lord, but master (the same title that Judas used prior to betraying the Lord Jesus), among other serious doctrinal issues.

What does your church teach? If your church leaders fail to warn you of doctrinal errors, but promote ecumenism, feel-good gospel, and the like, beware . . .

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